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Come join the camaraderie of fellow members who share your interest in aviation!

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The majority of our Active Members are Certificated Pilots, but new primary students and social members are also welcome.  You can participate in Club activities and friendly hangar flying while learning more about aviation and sharing the costs.  You can fly off on your own for that dream vacation, or a long weekend, without the hassle normally involved with trying to rent a plane from an FBO.  We are not an FBO and we do not rent aircraft!  But as an Active Member, if you're checked out and current in whichever of our aircraft you choose, you can simply get on the schedule and go!  

We currently have three IFR certified aircraft: A Piper Archer II (180 HP), a Piper Archer III (180 HP), and a Cessna 182 (300 HP).  Check the "Our Aircraft" tab for more information about the planes.

Earn your Certificates and Ratings

As an Active Member, you can finish your Private Pilot Certificate in our Archer II by teaming with one of our Club's Instructors.  Training towards your instrument rating and other ratings is also available.  Contact our Member Coordinator, at MemberCoordinator@lvfc.org, for a current list of Club Instructors.

Experimental Aircraft Construction and Aviation Related Youth Development

To promote recreational aviation, such as ultralight and experimental aircraft construction, we formed an EAA Committee and joined EAA Chapter #70.  In addition to promoting recreational aviation we are involved in the EAA Young Eagles program.  

A Stable Organization

The Club was founded in 1956 as the Slatington Flying Club.  As more members from around the Lehigh Valley joined, the Club grew and moved to the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton (ABE) Airport, now known as the Lehigh Valley International Airport (KABE).  The Club's name was changed to the Lehigh Valley Flying Club.  We are very proud of the way our Club has grown and prospered.

Financially Sound

The Club establishes an annual budget and plan for both scheduled expenses such as insurance, hangar lease, engine overhauls, as well as unexpected repairs.  Because of careful advance planning and meticulous maintenance, we have never had to ask members for extra finances to help cover expenses.  Monthly Club dues pay for the fixed expenses while hourly flying rates cover variable flying costs such as fuel, maintenance, and engine overhauls.

Hourly Cost

Active Members reimburse the Club for each hour we fly the aircraft.  This hourly rate is based on tachometer time instead of a Hobbs meter.  Depending on what type of flying you do, whether cross country or local training, our experience shows that the tachometer often records 10% to 20% less time than the Hobbs meter.

Well Maintained Aircraft

Our aircraft are maintained in top condition by our Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Plane Captains, our A&P Mechanic, and a team of maintenance shops that we've worked with for years.  They do whatever is necessary to keep our planes airworthy and ready for Members to fly.  Safety is never compromised.  If work needs to be done or parts need to be replaced on an aircraft, it is done expeditiously.  Each aircraft has an experienced Plane Captain assigned to it who is responsible for keeping an eye on that plane.  In addition, Plane Captains perform the routine owner-allowed maintenance such as oil changes and spark plug replacement.  The Plane Captain and Club volunteers also assist the mechanics in performing annual inspections.  This reduces costs and further educates the Plane Captain, which results in a better maintained aircraft.

Easy Scheduling of Aircraft

Spur of the moment flights are a reality.  We use a web based scheduling system that enables Active Members to check club aircraft schedules and reserve a plane online.  This system, provided by ClubScheduling.com, also allows Members to reserve, extend, or cancel plane reservations wherever and whenever the need occurs online via mobile devices.  Did someone else reserve your plane?  Go ahead and schedule that aircraft anyway - you will be added as a backup reservation!  If the other Member cancels their reservation, your reservation automatically becomes primary and you will be notified by email that your plane is available.  You can spend more time flying instead of juggling reservations.  If you're interested in seeing how the scheduling system works and the aircraft availability, contact our Member Coordinator, at MemberCoordinator@lvfc.org,  for a tour of our facilities and website. 

Club Hangar and Clubhouse

LVFC lives at Hanger 5 at the Lehigh Valley International Airport (KABE).  Our huge hanger can hold up to four aircraft, and our maintenance facilities and clubhouse are all under the same roof.  Click here for Directions, or contact our Member Coordinator, at MemberCoordinator@lvfc.org, for a tour!

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