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Highlights: Past Events

June 15, 2019 -- Bill Harrelson spoke to LVFC members about his record-breaking solo flight in a highly-customized homebuilt Lancair IV, around the world from pole to pole. Bill and his wife Sue, both commercial airline pilots, spent 10 years building the plane, preparing for, and testing for the attempt. 

May 19, 2019 -- Martin Tower, once a landmark used by pilots flying into KABE, was demolished -- Footage of the implosion provided by local pilot, Ted Rosenberger, of

October 2018 -- For Valley Life, Carolyn Smith, interviewed Lehigh Valley Flying Club president, Bob Kutzler, CFI -- Bob and LVFC pilot Jay Smith, then took her up for her first flight in a small plane out of KABE. (Valley Life is brought to you by DLP Realty.)

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