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New Members are Welcome


Thank you for your interest in joining LVFC.  We welcome your application, and we’re certain you’ll appreciate the value and advantages of flying in our Club. 


Our members come from throughout the region to enjoy flying our great aircraft, attend meetings and seminars, participate in social events and fly-outs, help with club projects, and use the clubhouse facilities at our spacious hanger.  LVFC pilots range from new students, recently certificated private pilots, airline captains, military aviators, experienced instructors, and mid-time pilots who are just getting back into aviation after a career or life-induced hiatus. 


If you’d like to attend a membership meeting to meet us, or to just get a tour of our planes and facilities and learn what LVFC membership entails, please email us at


                                            How to become an Active Member

There are just a couple of steps to becoming an Active Member (member with flying privileges).  

  1. Complete a Membership Application and Provide the Initiation Fee:  Your Application will help us get to know you, learn about your aviation background, and hear about your interest in the club.  Please review the application form for more details.                                                  LVFC Active Membership Application.  

  2. Secure a Membership Sponsor:  There are two ways to be sponsored for membership.  First, any LVFC Active Member in good standing can be your sponsor and will forward your application and check to a Board member for processing, or, you can simply attend a meeting of the LVFC Board of Directors and request that the Board sponsor you.  Just bring your completed application and initiation fee check to a Board meeting where you can introduce yourself and have a chat about the Club.  Board meetings are almost always held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the LVFC Hanger.  Contact the LVFC Member Coordinator to make arrangements to attend.

  3. Attend an LVFC Membership Meeting with your Sponsor and pay your Initiation Fee:  After you have completed your application and secured your sponsorship, you and your Sponsor will attend the next monthly membership meeting.  Please bring a check for your initiation fee.  Your application will be read, you’ll introduce yourself to the assembled Members, and you can answer any questions they might have.  If there’s a voting quorum (and there almost always is) we’ll vote on your application at that meeting.  The LVFC Membership Meetings are held monthly, almost always on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. at the LVFC Hangar.

  4. Pay Your First Month’s Dues:  If you’re elected to membership, you’ll be an Active Member in a probation period for your first six months or 25 hours of flight time in club aircraft, whichever comes first, but before you can schedule aircraft for your check ride(s), you will need to pay your first month’s dues.

  5. Complete your Orientation and Check Ride(s):  Once you’re elected to membership, the Membership Coordinator will meet with you at the LVFC Hangar to give you all the information you need to get started.  They willreview the LVFC Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, aircraft scheduling system, airport and hanger procedures, and other points that will help you get the most out of your membership. Once you’re checked out in the aircraft , you may use the aircraft and club facilities subject to the LVFC Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Airport Rules that govern their use. 


Fees and Dues (As of May 1, 2021)


Active Member Initiation Fee



Active Member Monthly Dues



Our fees, dues, and aircraft reimbursement rates are subject to change.  

While we try to keep our website current, please contact us to confirm the current rates.

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