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Got a link that you think the Aviation Community could benefit from using?  Such as a flight planning software, weather app, or checklist?  We would be happy to post it here for all to share.  Just send your request to Information@LVFC.org. 
  • Flight Planning & Weather:
  • Safety:
    • Aviation Safety Reporting System  Had a mishap or accidentally busted airspace?  Use this form to report your incident within 10 days of the occurrence.  You can submit online or download and print and submit via snail mail.  Also, you can subscribe to monthly ASRS news letter showing the latest reports.  This system was implemented for pilots and airport personnel to tell their story so other pilots can benefit from their experience and hopefully become better pilots.
    • Safety Pilot Club The purpose of Safety Pilot Club is to lessen the financial burden associated with general aviation flight while at the same time network pilots and promote aviation safety.

      By sharing expenses, pilots can fly more, save money and accumulate the required flight hours for that next sought after rating. Do not let the high cost of aviation keep people in our aviation community grounded!

      It has a small membership fee which looks like the person organizing want that to pay the administrative expenses of owning a domain name and paying for a website.

      As a flying club we should be endeavor to be available to each other to act as a safety pilot.  Also, keep in mind, non-members can not fly our planes.  This is another avenue to meet others and maybe recruit new members.
  • FAA /  FAR's  /  AIM
  • NTSB / CAA
    • NTSB Accident Database  Access to briefs from NTSB accident reports. It also has a search engine that allows the selection of briefs using multiple options.
  • Training
    • Garmin GPS Simulators.  The 530W/430WAAS Simulator works on Windows 7.
    • Leaning and Diagnosing Engine Problems  This is highly recommended reading by our maintenance officer. The data presented in this manual is intended to help pilots formulate safe leaning techniques and to perform engine diagnostics. In other words how to read your EGT or CHT guages.  The data presented is based on published experiments by leading researchers, professors, PhD's, scientists and engineers in the field of internal-combustion engines. 

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