• F. Pacheco

Lehigh Valley Flying Club Hosts AOPA "Rusty Pilot" Seminar

On a beautiful Saturday morning, our club hosted the AOPA’s “Rusty Pilot” seminar and 43 enthusiastic participants arrived for the 9am start. The event took place at the club’s Hangar (5) located at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, PA (KABE).

The program was a 3 hour content rich seminar presented by AOPA instructor, Mark Boguski. Mark himself was once a rusty pilot. However, after a 22-year absence from flying, in 2002, he became current again with the help from AOPA. Since then, he’s earned his Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot certificate, Flight Instructor certificate and his Advanced Ground Instructor certificate (bio ref AOPA).

Club Vice President, Bob Kutzler, did a great job in coordinating with the AOPA and executing the logistics for a very successful event and Bob thanks all the members who came out to help organize and cleanup afterwards. Kevin Diehl did another stellar job in setting up refreshments and manning the grill for lunch. Many of the attendees commented on how appreciative they were of the opportunity. Also, as an FAA WINGS accredited seminar, 3 hours were earned by participating individuals. Even if you are not a ‘rusty pilot, this was a great knowledge base refresher.

The AOPA is full of information on their website take advantage of what they have to offer: https://www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/lapsed-pilots/rusty-pilots/rusty-pilot-seminars.

Also, see our previous blog on medical reform BasicMed which has taken effect this year https://www.lvfc.org/single-post/2017/08/06/Understanding-Basic-Med

Finally, whether you’re returning to flying or are looking for fun and affordable flying opportunities, contact us at information@lvfc.org and ask about membership.