• F. Pacheco

Lehigh Valley Flying Club "Passport Program" Sign-up

2018 LVFC "Passport Program" Sign-up steps:


  • Must sign up with https://myflightbook.com (free) use the same e-mail as you normally use with the club

  • Add me as a CFI in your profile ("Training" tab "instructors")

  • Once you add me I get an e-mail when complete and I will "invite" you to the club and you'll get a notification letting you know I want to add you to the LVFC Flying Club. Accept

  • If you do not already have one, create a WINGS account at https://www.faasafety.gov/


  • Use Hobbs time for recording hours. For clarity, only flying time in club aircraft counts.

  • Record as much information as you can, but of course the time and airports in the Route section are most key

  • Must provide digital copy of the WINGS credits from WINGS program site. Both ground (usually webinars) and flight credits count

  • Provide pictures of flights and different airports to help promote the club and share on LVFC Facebook page (safety first when taking pictures). If you do not have a Facebook account, provide them to me and I will upload. Always include a positive "blurb" with the picture or more as you see fit. (preferably wearing club apparel but not mandatory)

  • If you are able, use a data logger and attach/upload file to the flight you logged in "myFlightbook". You can use any data logger such as BadElf, FlyQ EFB, Foreflight, CloudAhoy to do this.


  • CFI’s may participate, however, hours counted are not while acting as a CFI but as a paying member

  • Members in good standing at the time of tabulation and flying privileges

  • Time may be split but is based on PIC. For example, Member A will be PIC the whole time; he documents 2 hours as PIC; Member B marks 2 hours as SIC and I will count SIC as half credit or 1 hour. or you can split PIC 50/50, Therefore 1 hour each. Backseat member passenger can record as SIC will receive quarter credit but can never be PIC from the back…(PIC intimates ability for manual manipulation of controls)

  • MyFlightbook is website, iPhone and iPad based

  • I'll run a monthly report from the site but for sure quarterly. For WINGS credit give them to me as confirmed and then we can just double check monthly.