• F. Pacheco

Lehigh Valley Flying Club "Passport Program" and Challenge

2018 LVFC "Passport Program": To keep stoking our passion for aviation, promote the club, and promote safety the “Passport Program” is designed to be an ongoing club flying challenge. See our sign-up information here

The challenges are an opportunity to increase flying hours (a reason to fly) which will increase aircraft utilization and safety by incorporating fun, safe, challenges (mission) into our flying. More flying = a safer pilot. The contest is to include WINGS credits as one of the challenges.

To execute and keep track I would create and maintain a visual database of hours and airports visited coupled with pictures and/or videos provided by the member (requirement but not to the detriment of safety). We would use the free app "MyFlightBook" to self-record and downloads from our Quickbooks. I spoke to the app developer and we should be able to use the functionality to track.

While there are many potential challenges, I plan to keep it to simplest and probably no more than 3 or 4 as follows. We can change and add more in the future as needed:

  • Total flown hours per quarter and year (since this is just starting the current Calendar quarter will only be 2 months May/June and to meet gala timeline, 4th quarter will include January 2019)

  • Total WINGS credit hours every four months (flying or ground)

  • Number of different PA airports visited per quarter (must land and take picture with the aircraft at that field; also see note on quarters above in first bullet)

  • Number of states flown per quarter (must land at an Airport and take picture with the aircraft at that field)

Prizes per quarter or year as follows: (to be presented at the Winter Gala):

  • Shirt give away for most quarterly hours win (1 Shirt /quarter)

  • Most Hours per year win 3 flight hours (flight hours would be in 2019)

  • Greatest number of WINGS credit every 4 months = 1 T- Shirts for each winner

  • Most different PA Airports Visited per quarter = 1 T- Shirts for each winner

  • Greatest number of states flown per quarter = 1 T- Shirts for each winner

  • Certificates for other "milestones" and "chachki's" (free)

Requirements to participate:

  • Members in good standing at the time of tabulation

  • Must sign up into “MyFlight Book” to allow creating a group (instructions to follow Contact Fernando at the club meeting and e:mail fap07202@gmail.com)

  • Must provide digital copy of the WINGS credits from WINGS program site.

  • Provide pictures of flights and different airports to help promote the club on social sites and our website (preferably wearing club apparel but not mandatory)

CFI’s may participate, however, hours counted are not while acting as a CFI but as a paying member.