• F. Pacheco

"Passport Program": May/June Results

2018 LVFC "Passport Program": To keep stoking our passion for aviation, promote the club, and promote safety the “Passport Program” is designed to be an ongoing club flying challenge. See our sign-up information here

The challenges are an opportunity to increase flying hours (a reason to fly) which will increase aircraft utilization and safety by incorporating fun, safe, challenges (mission) into our flying. More flying = a safer pilot. The contest is to include WINGS credits as one of the challenges.

Quarter ending June 30 results (remember, it's not too late to participate):

  • Total flown hours May/June (short quarter): Marty: 17.2 hours (beating yours truly by .5 LOL)

  • Number of different PA airports visited: Marty 5 airports

  • Number of states flown per quarter: Fernando 4 states